Terms Of Service

Travelonatory’s Terms of Service

Any Policy/Rule you made to follow falls under the url https://travelonatory.com and it’s subsidaries.

We shall inform you that you agree to comply with all our existing policies, and you agree to automatically comply with any Change in existing policies or any new policy added, as and when it gets into effect.

Product Orders

And product offered by Travelonatory, can only be bought for sole use or free distribution, you cannot resell a product which you bought from Travelonatory, untill you have a written permission from Authorized Official of Travelonatory.

Travelonatory, has the right to modify/change/discontinue a product at it’s own Will. Travelonatory can do this without any prior information.

The sale/discounts/coupons are promised to run for definite Time period and under definite conditions which you are informed before hand, but Travelonatory can decide to modify and/or discontinue them anytime.

Sometimes if Travelonatory fails to fulfill the order, then we may decide to cancel it altogether, in this case we give u an option to modify your order if possible, or to get a full refund for free. Though our efforts are always to complete the order.

We put our best efforts to make great customer experience, but we put these terms in order to safeguard our business, though we put our best efforts to avoid using them as much as possible.

Shipping And Sizes

The Shipping of products is carried out with the highest standard of quality as possible, though sometimes, there can be instances where the quality of shipping gets compromised, you can request for Refund for the same, though it’s upto Travelonatory to approve the request or not, you can read more about it in Refund Policy.

Travelonatory tries to produce products that are high quality and in case of many products which come in different sizes, we try our level best to ensure that the dimensions are accurate when the end user utilizes them. Incase you are unhappy about it and we accept your request, we shall either replace it, or provide you a compensation if needed.

We have all the rights to suspend your account, if we find you trying to resell products sold at Travelonatory.

If you feel any one or any product has violated any Intellectual Property or Copyrights, then you can contact us at we@travelonatory.com and we if proven, we would take action within 24 hrs.

Incase you as a manufacturer want to sell products at Travelonatory, then you can contact us, we would surely love to outsource products, though only if they are actually great.

Incase you casually feel as a manufacturer that your product is too much similar to ours, and you wish to ask us change it a little, you can email us with soft request with all details at we@travelonatory.com and we will examine it.